Pat Flynn Made Me Cry At A Mastermind

I’m not a crier. Genuinely. Everyone who knows me, knows this. So, I sat at a hotel round table in Rydges South Bank today, and I cried in front of Pat Flynn. Well, let’s get accurate. I sobbed. He hugged me- you’d have needed a cold dead lizard heart not to at that point, because


It Gets Easier.

From my sparkly social media and inability to be serious, you would be forgiven for assuming that I have life pretty easy. I married my high school best bud, we have four kids under four, no twins, they are all healthy and happy (50% of the time) and I am working 25-30 hours in a part


Facebook Admin a Closed Group For FB Group Admins

Hey, you. With 300 million Facebook pic uploads a DAY… And Gary Vaynerchuk saying GET on Facebook and Instagram right NOW to stake our early claim in the high ROI landslide of social media… I, for one, want to optimise and leverage the heck out of my use of the Groups I admin. Before everyone else


Dear Future Me

Hey, Future Me. My whole life, I always hoped you were proud of my choices. I craved your approval. Before I make a big decision, I always said to myself, “What would Future Me want to happen right now?” I enjoyed casting praise back to the Past Me who did my dirty work, with a


Until I Make It Happen, My Cup Won’t Runneth Over.

I’ve been thinking about creative flow lately. You know what I mean by the state of flow right, creatives? (which is you- we’re all totally born with it.) It’s the 2 entire days it takes to will yourself into a state where you can finally create that masterpiece that’s been in the back of your

5 Ways For Startup Business Owners To Get A Grip

Startups are fun. They’re full of promise, exciting new learning curves and your days are spent dodging expensive courses online while highly talented people sell systems and software that slowly eat your budget. Until I started hitting Google for fixes to my brand-new problems, I never realised how much stuff there is for sale on