Let Me Introduce Myself…


I’m Kat Abianac, founder of Kat & Fox Digital. I specialise in Community & Social Media Management. I am also a business mindset coach, online strategist and marketing expert.

One of my passions is helping people discover the benefits of essential oils while building my DoTERRA business. Essential oils have life changing benefits and it’s incredible hearing the stories of client’s who come to me explaining they can sleep better, breathe better, think better.

I have formed so many connections during my DoTERRA journey which have influenced my business in a positive way.

I shared my knowledge with 450 Students during our first launch of the e-course Social Media Sales With soul – a course delivered online to help people dominate their social media presence. Run in partnership with Presidential Diamond DoTERRA Leader, Jessie Reimers, the success of our multiple 6 figure course has reinforced every reason I have for consistently showing up in my online communities.

I am here to serve, and help people transform their business. As Pat Flynn likes to say.. money is just a byproduct of serving your community, and I truly believe that.